University of Southern California, J.D.
California State University, Northridge, M.S., Biology
University of California, Los Angeles, B.A. History & B.A. English


Marc Karish is a patent attorney with over 20 years of experience working in litigation and intellectual property law.  Many IP lawyers are either litigators or prosecutors; few are both, and even fewer have done both recently.  Marc is in that small group. Most IP firms train associates for prosecution until it becomes more profitable to move them to litigation, where their prosecution skills quickly fade.  But in the last fifteen years, Marc has split his time evenly between IP litigation and IP prosecution.  He knows what will work in the USPTO — not from his year drafting patents as a first year associate, but from the patents he obtained for his clients in the last six months.  And he knows what will work in Court  — not by osmosis from being a member of a “team” of six lawyers on an IP case, but from the motions and arguments he has crafted from the ground up, starting with the patents, file histories and prior art and working through the applicable legal precedent to a final product crafted to make sense both legally and technically.

Marc has litigated extensively in the federal and state courts in commercial disputes and in all aspects of intellectual property.  In addition to his extensive litigation practice, Marc has spent over 15 years preparing and filing patent and trademark applications, counseling clients about their intellectual property, and advising clients on intellectual property transactions such as license agreements and purchases.

Marc has particular expertise in mechanical devices from years of work in his father’s manufacturing company, and software and Internet related technology from work as a software engineer.  Marc also has particular expertise in biotechnology and medical devices and has a Master’s degree in Biology.

Marc got his first taste of litigation in law school working for the district attorney conducting preliminary hearings in criminal matters.  Practicing in court all day, taking live testimony from witnesses up on the stand and arguing before a judge, was excellent preparation for his current litigation practice .  Out of law school, Marc worked at the Pasadena-based intellectual property boutique law firm of Christie, Parker & Hale dividing his efforts between patent and trademark litigation, patent and trademark filings, due diligence and opinion work, and client counseling.

After leaving Christie, Parker & Hale, Marc began at the Pasadena-based intellectual property boutique Sheldon Mak Rose & Anderson PC.  At Sheldon Mak, Marc honed his skills and met Eric Bjorgum.  Marc and Eric shared many ideas about the practice of law.  Eventually they decided to begin Karish & Bjorgum PC.  At Karish & Bjorgum, Marc has obtained summary judgment rulings in cases involving claims of patent infringement, civil RICO and trademark infringement, among others. It is the vision of Karish & Bjorgum to service clients’ legal needs in the entire range of intellectual property with a lean, cost-effective structure and a strong results-oriented focus that  takes into account the best overall outcome for the client.

Marc lives in Sierra Madre, California with his wife and three children.  His personal interests include media, education and the numerous sports his children are playing. Marc has been a Rotarian, youth sports coach and actively involved in the Pasadena public schools.

Marc A. Karish has been recognized as a rising star:

Southern California Rising Stars 2009
Southern California Rising Stars 2007